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Purple Martin Project

Purple Martin Project

Article by Dave Smith

This project was started because I wanted the people in Mitchell’s Bay to be able to see something visible that the association was doing for the Bay. We would like to get some young people interested in looking after the houses. The Gourd houses are located at the bay front (North end of the parking lot) and the T14 house is located on the lakeshore trail right at the bay side, between the boardwalk and the frog pond.

I have had a great deal of help and guidance form Richard Carr who is head of the Walpole Island Purple Martin project, and his wife, Susan. Students at CKSS woodworking shop made the T14 house and the Environmental Club (headed by Gord Williams) made the gourds for us. In exchange for their work, we purchased a pole and a gourd house assembly for them.

We now have nesting pairs of purple martins in both places which is unusual for the first year of putting them up according to Richard.

I invite everyone to go and look at these complexes, listen and watch these interesting birds as they build their nests. They are very chatty and are not afraid of people. When I do work on the houses they will sit up on the perches waiting for me to hoist their homes back to the top of the pole.

If anyone has any interest in helping with this project please feel free to contact a committee member and they will gladly lead you to the right contact person.