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CANCELLED - Mitchell's Bay 9th Annual Antique Car, Truck, Motorcycle & Tractor Show

It is with painful regret, and after serious deliberation by the Mitchell's Bay Area Association (MBAA), and given the current Ontario Emergency Measures Regulations due to COVID-19, a decision has been made to cancel the Mitchell's Bay 9th Annual Antique Car, Truck, Motorcycle & Tractor Show scheduled for July 18th, 2020. Our focus will remain on resuming the car show in July 2021.

The Mitchell's Bay Car Show from the beginning was designed as a community event meant to showcase Mitchell's Bay, promote our sponsors, enhance tourism opportunities and bring the community of Mitchell's Bay residents together.

Members of the MBAA reviewed all of the pressures that moving forward with this year's event would place on our participants, sponsors, vendors and volunteer compliment.

Firstly, our participants (Antique Vehicle Owners). We understand that other antique vehicle enthusiasts, spectators and sponsors look forward to your participation. At this time with the focus on social distancing, we need to take a proactive stand and protect the health and safety of all.

Secondly, our sponsors. Many, if not all of our sponsors, are realizing a huge down turn in business. Revenues are down if not gone all together. Staff are being laid off and/ or working under pressure in today's medical crisis. Knowing our sponsors personally, we understand that it pains you to see how this pandemic has affected your employees.

We are very fortunate to have a sound core of enthusiastic and supportive sponsors for this event. The last thing we want to ask of you is to support us financially this year. We felt that it was only right to respect your situation in this time of emergency measures and give you the time and space to deal with and recover from this extenuating circumstance.

Thirdly, our vendors. You are an added attraction to the car show, and rather than wait to make a last minute call, it was in the best interest of all to give as much notice as possible.

Finally, our volunteers. Without our 50 plus volunteers, the scope of our car show would not be what it is. We take much pride in hosting a car show that sets itself apart from many other events. The success of the Mitchell's Bay Car Show would be quite different if it were not for all of you!

Most of our volunteers are retirees, your health and safety is a priority.

We are saddened by the cancellation of the 2020 car show and hope that you can understand the necessity of making this decision at the present time.

We look forward to working together to host many more successful events in the future.

Karen Miles MBAA - Car Show Chair

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